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Kodawari menya quality

Wheat flour and Udon dough

There are two essential things to make delicious udon.
One is wheat flour.
Udon is made from wheat flour, water, and salt. After lots of research and tests, we developed an original wheat flour using the best class of Australian wheat with a top of the line domestic wheat. In addition, we sometimes adjust the compounding ratio according to the quality of wheat at the time of harvest, so that we can produce ideal udon all the time.
The other is the craftsmanship.
Udon dough is difficult to handle because its condition easily changes due to the influence of temperature and humidity. The craftsmen who make udon change the amount of salt water and aging time to the second due to the state of the flour’s condition. Without those professionals, it wouldn’t be possible to produce a constant authentic udon.
Please enjoy elastic texture and rich wheat flavor in variety of style to eat udon.

Freshness of Udon

We are very dedicated to serve fresh udon which has to be the best quality . We never ever serve udon 15 minutes after being cooked to customers, because udon loses its freshness and the quality degradation starts after 15 minutes. Especially Zaru udon, for example, is not served in a soup and it has a special soup for dipping. Therefore, it has to be “just cooked”and very fresh to enjoy original udon taste.

Udon soup

Udon soup usually contains a lot of white sugar, however, we at Kodawari menya use “Rare sugar syrup” instead of white sugar and we are the first udon restaurant to create udon soup without white sugar in the world. Rare sugar which is also called “miracle sugar” which might suppress an increase in the postprandial blood glucose level. We don’t want only to provide delicious udon but also provide healthy food for customers.
That lead us to collaborate with a soy sauce company to develop “original soy sauce “which Rare sugar syrup is blended into the white soup stock taken from the finest materials such as Ibuki Iriko(Dried small sardine), Rijiri Konbu (Kelp) and some more.
Our original soy sauce is absolutely perfect in taste, color, flavor, and health. However, we add more fresh flavors taken from iriko and bonito flakes at each restaurant every morning before we open, that extra procedure is essential to make savory udon soup even better than using only original soy sauce.

Vegetable from our farm

Green spring onion is commonly known as must-add topping on udon. It’s said that many agricultural chemicals are attached to green spring onion which is distributed in the market. In addition, there is usually a problem that the freshness declines in the distribution process because it takes more time to reach the shop after being harvested. Therefore, we started cultivating it with only the minimum amount of agricultural chemicals as much as possible in our own farm. Moreover, we also have consistently carried out from production and harvest to processing and delivery by ourselves. As a result, we now enable to provide customers with much fresher and safer green spring onion than anyone on the market.
Please enjoy its crunchy texture and good flavor.