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Expand to the world

Kodawari menya was found in 1998, in Kagawa, home town of Sanuki Udon,.
Since then, we are operating as a locally based restaurant.
As a result of that we have been very dedicated to deliciousness and customer service, we could become one of thriving udon restaurant in Kagawa. In addition, we could increase the number of our stores in a short period of time thanks to a lot of support and love from our community.
Now, udon is one of Japan’s three biggest noodle(ramen, soba, udon), and Sanuki udon is well known as most famous brand among all in Japan. However, udon is not as famous as other two in the world yet. Therefore, we would like to take a role to deliver deliciousness of our traditional local food, Sanuki Udon, to the world from now. We believe that this must be our mission, as long as we are one of major Sanuki udon restaurant chain founded in Kagawa.

Our project


Overseas tourists

Inbound tour group are welcomed. (English menu book is prepared)


Udon hand-made experience

Our udon master is teaching how to make udon in Paris.


Overseas branch

kodawari menya in Malaysia