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Sanuki Udon franchise

Kodawari menya is actively seeking for passionate and experienced international partners to help us expand our traditional Japanese noodle, Sanuki Udon, to all over the world.

How attractive is
Kodawari menya udon franchise?

※Tom Yam Udon

Thousand of Udon
menu can be created!

Udon is very compatible with any kinds of soup and ingredients.
It provides easy localizing.
Our menu development team also can help you to create popular dishes in your country.


Side dishes are popular
Japanese food

“Tempura” , “Onigiri” , “Oden” are now well known as popular Japanese food.
Special recipe for them created by the Udon master is worth tasting!

Unique concept
restaurant-self serving style

People can look at all the dishes at the counter and choose their favorite by themselves.
On the other hand, it enables to reduce labor cost and provide simple kitchen operation.

Training studio

Anyone can become a chef after short term hands-on training at our renovated training studio which has huge kitchen set up similar to real restaurant.

Kodawarimenya philosophy,
“Niko Uma”
Niko(Nikoniko)= Smiling

This explains that we commit to provide delicious food with a smile at anytime and to anyone.
Our easy-to-learn operation procedure and customer service(Japanese hospitality) training helps you to have a thriving restaurant.